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Subj: Re: I didn't write the definition, Marvel did...
Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 05:22:50 pm EST (Viewed 65 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I didn't write the definition, Marvel did...
Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 07:43:37 am EST (Viewed 77 times)

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    I am taking YOUR example at face value as the words are defined in the KING'S ENGLISH. I am NOT putting my own spin on it, I am not reaching at and/or for anything either. I am making a commentary on Your example and the fact that said example, as Marvel phrased it (NOT MY FAULT they did not specify the WHO in regard to normal, mutant, or meta human), will be felled upon by many here like a pack of ravenous wolves or like sharks who smell blood in the water. As I said, you essentially shot yourself in the ass.

You are indeed using all the words to the letter, no problem there. The problem is, you are trying to give them a meaning they can't have in the context. Sure Marvel didn't specify what was to be include under the label "human", that much is true. However, knowing how they defined asgardians and olympians as well as knowing they fall under the gods banner, you kinda have to show a lot of ill will not to understand it doesn't include super-humanity. 

Again, how can any of the asgardian be labelled "god" if they have to answer your interpretation of the definition? They can't because they aren't stronger than any of your human. Even Thor fail that test. Therefore the definition couldn't be referring to humans in the sense you were and we kinda have to understand that "human" mean "human" without powers.

Do you agree or does it still make no sense to you?


    Enjoy the feeding frenzy if/when it hits!!!!

For someone who supposedly didn't want to start any flaming, you sure aren't very convincing with all those good bye comment at the end of your posts so far (enjoy the feeding, shot in my ass). You kinda imply you have no "bad" intentions toward me, but at the same time your tone make it clear nothing would please you more if I was to eat it.

Firstly, We can agree to disagree.

Marvel should have been iron-clad in their verbiage so that no "loop-holes" could be found and exploited.

Secondly (in regard to my parting comment: i.e. Feeding Frenzy) YOU know better than most (except for maybe Jonathanos) how zealous other posters here are in defense of Thor and his current status in his portrayals and how you and others have been called Trolls.  

I told you to beware the word "ASSUME", right? (Yes or No?).  The first three letters are ASS. I was trying to point out that your example would give STRONG ammunition to likes of Shiango, Oliva, Mjolnirspower, etc...

With regard to fanning the flame, You kinda did that in your response  to my original post. A simple NO would have sufficed and would have been the end of it. I avoided this thread for the longest time until YOU pulled Marvel's database into it and from the language- it DID NOT support your argument without "ASSUMING" (and as the phrase goes: assuming makes an ass...). It's like a dictionary or an encyclopedia: the language is VERY SPECIFIC in the defintion/descriptors. 

I actually really do respect you and your commentaries/insights a great deal and as I have previously stated to you before: whether I agree with you or not is immaterial. But, I also feel that: "NO ONE Can CHANGE Anothers Opinion, You CAN Only Change Their Opinion of YOU". I would keep that in mind with regard to who you respond to and how you respond. The Zealots-Keep it short and sweet, Those you feel you can have meaningful debate with: Then do so. \(beer\)

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