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Subj: Re: I didn't write the definition, Marvel did...
Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 06:09:33 pm EST (Viewed 80 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I didn't write the definition, Marvel did...
Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 at 05:22:50 pm EST (Viewed 66 times)

    Firstly, We can agree to disagree.

It's always an option of course. However, when I do it's because I think both side have solid arguments or are discussing preferences. I don't think it's the case here. At least as far as I'm concerned.

    Marvel should have been iron-clad in their verbiage so that no "loop-holes" could be found and exploited.
Somehow, I fear no amount of precautions would have prevent someone from trying to wiggle a way out of any definition if it's what they really wanted. But more importantly, even if Marvel could indeed have been even more explicit, the crux of the matter is: do they really need to in this case? The fact remain, your interpretation simply can't be correct for the already explained reasons. Knowing that, there isn't a lot remaining to fall upon don't you agree?


    Secondly (in regard to my parting comment: i.e. Feeding Frenzy) YOU know better than most (except for maybe Jonathanos) how zealous other posters here are in defense of Thor and his current status in his portrayals and how you and others have been called Trolls.  
Yes, I know all too well about that.

    I told you to beware the word "ASSUME", right? (Yes or No?).  The first three letters are ASS. I was trying to point out that your example would give STRONG ammunition to likes of Shiango, Oliva, Mjolnirspower, etc...
I think I'm rather smart most of the time, but expecting me to get what you said here in the present context was, shall I say, a little optimistic.

    With regard to fanning the flame, You kinda did that in your response  to my original post. A simple NO would have sufficed and would have been the end of it. I avoided this thread for the longest time until YOU pulled Marvel's database into it and from the language- it DID NOT support your argument without "ASSUMING" (and as the phrase goes: assuming makes an ass...). It's like a dictionary or an encyclopedia: the language is VERY SPECIFIC in the defintion/descriptors. 
Simply replying no isn't acceptable for me. I nearly always prefer to explain why I say no, and I prefer others to do the same. 

As for the definition not supporting my argument without assuming, you can only pretend that to a point before the claim completely fall apart. What you proposed was kinda desperate and easily proved false. Again, what should we conclude knowing the criteria of your interpretation would reduce the god population to zero? It *HAS* to refer to ordinary humans.  Not because I want it to be so, but because I see no other alternative to fit the bill.

    I actually really do respect you and your commentaries/insights a great deal and as I have previously stated to you before: whether I agree with you or not is immaterial. But, I also feel that: "NO ONE Can CHANGE Anothers Opinion, You CAN Only Change Their Opinion of YOU". I would keep that in mind with regard to who you respond to and how you respond. The Zealots-Keep it short and sweet, Those you feel you can have meaningful debate with: Then do so.

I thank you for the kind words, but if I believe nobody can change his opinion I wouldn't waste my time debating and discussing. I know I can change, and I did change some of my opinions about some stuff in my past dealings. Granted, it is hard because there is always a reason for our beliefs to be how they are, but it's not hopeless. 

Also, it's not like I forced people to say what they say. If people post on a public boards they kinda have to expect  running into posters disagreeing and letting them know why. But I agree with you I should really be careful with who I invest myself as some are obviously way too far gone fanatics for any discussion to happen in any meaningful ways.

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