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Subj: Vidar & Mjolnir's Power have it right. My quick take...Re: That's a really interesting point
Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 at 11:21:19 am CST (Viewed 98 times)
Reply Subj: That's a really interesting point
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I wouldn't want "THOR" to get a writer like Pak. We'd then have a shameless fanboy at the helm, turning Thor into a super-super god. That ain't the recipe for good storytelling.

Planet Hulk and its followups are so beloved by the majority of Hulk fans because it depicts the Hulk as such an insane level powerhouse. Here's something I wrote a while back:

"And this is the crux of the matter for me. No matter WHAT those in charge of these decisions over at Marvel try, the Hulk will NEVER, EVER, come close to being Superman. Seeing such utterly ridiculous, terribly written things like the Hulk becoming so powerful that his very footsteps threaten to break the Eastern seaboard off of the mainland, or burrowing through the core of a planet in order to hold it together (a la Superman in lots of ways), or breaking down powerful mystical barriers via a thunderclap… It’s so bad, it’s either laughable or pitiful. Perhaps both. I’ve mentioned the Hulk’s current “abilities”to a few friends who have rudimentary interests in comics, and they all said the same thing. “That’s ridiculous. How stupid.”

The sad thing is is that I could really like the Hulk as a character if it wasn’t for such stupid power ups and wretched writing."

I've read people go on and on about how multi-layered the Hulk is, due to his psychological scarring and personality issues, etc. However, when you get down to it, the Hulk's appeal to the vast majority of his fans is the whole "Strongest one there is!" deal. That doesn't work for me. It's too childish. I can see how that would appeal to younger readers, but it just doesn't cut it after a while.

And try as they might, this isn't the late 70s and 80s, and the Hulk just isn't the pop culture darling that he used to be at the time of the Bixby/Ferrigno series.

But to each their own. I find Thor and his rich history, cast, and setting so much more appealing than a big brute sulking in the desert and having hissy fits all the time while flexing his muscles. And what they've turned him into is utterly laughable.

That being said, I've enjoyed the past year or two when discussing various aspects of Thor and Hulk with such posters as Gamma Ra and a couple of others. And I've honestly developed a much greater appreciation for the Hulk.

I tend to get a bit more dismissive and, admittedly, condescending with regard to the Hulk when I read some of the threads made by the more… shall we say "passionate" Hulk fans. Which is, again admittedly, silly, since the Hulk (as in the case of every fictional character) is only what his writers make him out to be. But that's rather more fitting in Hulk's case, since he's hardly ever in control of his actions to begin with.

    because basically, the comics are there to fuel the movies. This is especially the case now that the mouse has the hero. As a marvel icon, the character of Hulk just doesn't have the pop culture crossover impact enjoyed, say, back in the early eighties.

    Modern audiences, even the youth market seem to be looking for a little more sophistication in their stories. In a post-LOTR atmosphere this can only be good for the likes of Thor, who was once a marvel cornerstone. Heck, even Conan, once a marvel stalwart who later fell out of favour got a new big screen reboot.

    Hulk's powers have steadily been increased and diversified to maintain the character's appeal. Most of the writers are old enough to remember when it was very different, but now the MU is full of 'supermen'. The 'instant regeneration' from injury and the (apparently / alluded) 'infinite' capacity to become stronger through emotions have actually weakened the character's broad/mainstream appeal at the expense of merely appeasing fanboys and hulkamanaic writers alike.

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