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    I wish that Marvel thinks a little bigger than this, but here's what I think should happen just prior to the inevitable Twightlight of the gods:

    In fact, I think wrote about this once before:

    Picture Odin ages ago creating some sort of Force Field surrounding a Dimension to keep Sutur and his Legions contained. He did this with 70% of the Odin-Force and the rest with the energy of the Tesseract; which is the reason why Odin is so weak throughout these recent centuries; regardless of the Odin-Sleep. However, Surtur has managed finally to break the barrier- with the help of Loki and Amora (and some mysterious new artifact they stole). Thus, the full power of the Odin Force is restored- and Odin is seething with Power and Glory. However, he finds himself chained in some prison in a Dark World protected by none other than Thanos. Odin easily escaped the Prison, but is attacked by a Celestial Armada capable of decimating entire Planets. Odin destroys the entire Armada and the Dark Planet after a very brief struggle. A furious Thanos appeared before him and challenge Odin to a fight, but Odin refused saying," I don't need to crush a vermin when the Universe is at stake; and he disappeared. Odin arrives at Asgard and tells all the Asgardians to prepare for the Twightlight of the gods. Then, he proceeded by transferring a full 3% of the Odin-Force to the Asgardians; thus augmenting their strength and powers several times over. However, with Thor he bestowed a full 10% to what Thor already have. Thus, Thor instantly has now the power over time and Space, power over Elements on a Cosmic vast scale and all kinds of Energy Projections, his physical strength and durability increases exponentially, and finally, Mjolnir itself increases its devastating strength (when striking) at least ten-folds. Odin will need this because he will battle Surtur and his Legions; plus, Loki, Amora with Skurge and a legion of Frost Giants and Trolls.

    However, if that's not enough, Thanos will seek revenge as well, and will help in Loki and Surtur's quest in destroying Asgard and the Nine Worlds; and Odin knows this too well. Thus, Odin quickly bestowed upon the Destroyer 15% of the Odin-Force- with the additional devastating Cosmic energy from some really powerful mysterious artifact unknown to all Asgardians and the Nine Worlds; thus, making the Destroyer all but invulnerable and Invincible and capable of disintegrating anything or anyone from existence; and Odin will charge the spirit of the noblest of ALL Asgardians in Balder the Brave to take possession of the Destroyer. Balder will not hesitate to sacrifice his own life to save Asgard and the Universe. As for Odin, he looks for his finest weapon of all in the Odin-sword that is a virtual match against Surtur's Twightlight Sword, and can channel the Odin-Force like no other weapon could. All the Nine worlds are at stake (including Earth), and this could very well be the end of all....


Sounds a bit out there, to much focus on Odin and how powerful he is. Seems to me like Marvel wants to make it clear that Thanos is the top dog of the guys we have seen so far, with the Celestials or using a gem being the exceptions.

I would be on board with the OF idea generally, but I think going to far sort of ruins any real threat. It would be interesting to see how they would do Surtur considering how the frost giants were handled. Would he be like that, would be more of an abstract force of destruction or would be be a giant fire monster?

Look Raist bunnies...
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