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Subj: A little logical mind bending here…...
Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 at 12:44:48 am EST (Viewed 30 times)
Reply Subj: What if the whisper wasnt said to Thor?
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Since it has been shown recently that Mjolnir is sentient, what if "the whisper" was said to it and not Thor? Maybe that's why Thor basically says "what did you say" to Fury. He may not have heard it. Given what is going on in Hickman's Avengers, and Fury obviously know what is going on with the destruction of realities, it could have been something like "only the unworthy can destroy the great destroyer" or something like that. Then Mjolnir would choose for the greater good of, well, basically everything, to not allow Thor to lift it. Considering the watcher's ability to see alternate realities, and knowing that Thor would then take Jarnborn (which apparently can kill Celestials) to use it for the upcoming killing mission on Rabum Alal or whatever he is called. Maybe Jarnborn can do what Mjolnir cannot.
At least that makes more sense to me than a whisper making you "unworthy".......

Interesting theory. I'm going to hold on to my favorite whisper theory with your twist: Fury said to Mjolnir: "Thor is late on his child support payments to Jane Foster."

That said, I hope they don't go too far w/ the Mjolnir being sentient thing. I realize that this theory is more a construct of the chat boards than Marvel canon, but I hope it's not picked up in canon.

Mjolnir has always had a "sensitivity" to hit (worthiness enchantment being the best example), and certainly follows Thor's commands (sometimes unstated), but sentient?!

The problem I have with this approach is that Mjolnir becomes its own character if it's sentient. Does it have feelings? Wishes? Desires? Can Mjolnir have a bad day at the office? Don't feel like channeling a god blast today?

Further, and on a purely theoretical level (albeit a comic book one), if Mjolnir is sentient, why wouldn't it also be inverted? Let's gloss over, just for a moment, that a mutant jinx can override god/skyfather enchantments and so on. The logic would follow: Mjolnir is inverted. It would be a logical fallacy in the strictest sense, but the "story" would only make sense if an unworthy could wield Mjolnir. "Whoever wields this hammer, if (s)he be unworthy…."

So then:
1. Thor's not worthy b/c of the inversion.
2. Mjolnir has an unworthy enchantment b/c it's sentient and effected by the inversion.
3. Thor should be able to wield Mjolnir.

As an aside, it's nice to see Thor use Jarnbjorn. But I continue to think it's absolutely awful that it can kill Celestials. Awful. Terrible. Stupid. I'm totally down w/ powering up the weapon set of Ol' Goldilocks, but this is just impossibly dumb. Blessing it with his blood to cut celestial armor?! Really? And further, I'm just not a big fan of anybody taking on Celestials outside of a real cosmic threat. It cheapens cosmics (which I'm not the biggest fans of anyway).

That said….it's nice to see Thor getting a lot of front and center action b/c of all these latest twists.

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