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So the latest issue of wonder-bra/fake-THOR has arrived.

Nothing but a setup issue for the next issue.

She-ra/THOR faces the giants while the hammer is trying to get out of the sealed room's adamantium doors.

Malekith and the Frost Giants are unimpressed with fake-THOR and she ends up swallowed by their leader. Of course she gets free and continues the fight and senses she is losing power.

So there IS a time limit on how long she can be separated from the hammer but it appears to be longer then 60 seconds.

So anyway for the rest of this snooze fest we have Malekith vs the CEO of Roxxon who can turn into a minotaur.

Fake THOR uses her waning strength to pry open the doors, the hammer flies out and smashes the remaining giants even as she starts to depower then returns to her.

Turns out that Malekith is seeking the skull of Laufey. Fake THOR smashes the skull and Malekith vows the frost giants will destroy Earth for this.

However they are all interrupted by the arrival of the REAL THOR, carrying his axe and wearing a cyborg left arm. Of course he ignroes Malekith and orders She-Ra/THOR to release the hammer or face his wrath.


So next issue is Real THOR vs. Wonder-Bra/Fake-Thor.

Easily the most important element in any successful modern comicbook is, quite apart from the writer of course, the choice in artist and the distinctive layout choices their background brings. Visual appeal is so important in grabbing the attention of a wider audience, and in Russell Dauterman the editors of Thor have made a very sound choice. Instantly gelling with the flavor of Jason Aaron's quirky scripting the fantasy element of Thor's world is delivered in the form of mythical vistas and strange wonderful lands. In this third issue of their collaboration the success of their partnership can be gauged straight away in the imaginitive use of the map of Jotunheim framing the icy Citadel of Utgard - the map in itself is backdrop, but offers an absorbing glimpse at the Frostlands basic geography and noteworthy features. Seguing into an audience between ruler Scrymir and Dark Elf Malekith we see a king adorned in skulls, the scent of death in this hall further emphasised by a downwards shot of Malekith which also shows us a soupbowl with recognisably human remains swimming in the contents. The Hall is merely there as backdrop to Malkith's meeting with Scrymir, but such is the quality of artist that every panel is worthy of inspection as we read the two's exchange.

By exploiting the mythology of the Frost Giants, and harking back to the fate of their fabled King Laufey at the hands of Odin and Asgard, Jason Aaron's debut story uses the Giants quest for his lost bones as a parallel to the debut of the new and very different wielder of the Odinsons fabled Hammer. The choice of a mystery Woman as the new Thor is an appealing one, having seen an assortment of varying men, aliens, and at one point Frog take a turn at filling Thor's role the time does indeed seem appropriate to expand on this aspect of the concept to introduce a female avatar and try out a new, fresher, approach to the book. Quite what is motivating this new and anonymous candidate as Thor is not immediately clear, certainly there is a professed sense of responsibility to protect the earth as Thor himself did, but also apparent is a more intimate connection to the Thunder God himself, and perhaps a responsibility to him as well. But what else...? The power of Thor itself is certainly seen as ONE possible factor - the freedom to exercise her will against danger is a pleasure for her, enthusiastically throwing her unarmed self against the Frost Giants she does with great courage and selflesness, but also in the knowledge that the vast power of Thor is equal to the challenge - something driven home as the tale reaches its conclusion the point is made of her exerting her waning strength against the Adamantium/Vibranium/Magical(?) vault which has trapped Mjolnir from her, with seconds to go before her final depowerment.
Having seen the Avengers and an Asgardian troup defeated by their initial attack in the previous issue a sense of responsibility, that of doing the necessary thing, is indeed her primary motivation. But quite possibly not her only motivation. Having conducted herself with admirable coolness and authority the sight then as we reach the final page sets up what will be the underlying odyssey of this relaunch of the title, as a snarling and clearly unhinged Odinson arrives in the aftermath of her battle to irrationally demand her to surrender the Hammer to him... quite why losing the right to his Hammer and its power should have this effect on him is not easy to see, but then the truth may be that it isnt the loss of title which has affected him but the cause of it. Just what did cause him to lose the right to his power and privelage... as well as his sanity?
Therein likely lies the true question driving this new direction. As clearly the Odinson is in no fit state to wield any such power and responsibility, something of which the new Hammer wielder will make her judgment and views known on in next issue...

With a high standard of quality in all areas this latest installment of Thor is another solid and very entertaining read from the Jason Aaron/Russell Dauterman partnership. An example of story and fine character going hand in hand. \(yes\)

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