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Subj: Re: "THOR" #3 Regarding the strength shown in this issue
Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 at 08:42:31 pm EST (Viewed 375 times)
Reply Subj: "THOR" #3
Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 at 03:03:04 pm EST (Viewed 624 times)

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So the latest issue of wonder-bra/fake-THOR has arrived.

Nothing but a setup issue for the next issue.

She-ra/THOR faces the giants while the hammer is trying to get out of the sealed room's adamantium doors.

Malekith and the Frost Giants are unimpressed with fake-THOR and she ends up swallowed by their leader. Of course she gets free and continues the fight and senses she is losing power.

So there IS a time limit on how long she can be separated from the hammer but it appears to be longer then 60 seconds.

So anyway for the rest of this snooze fest we have Malekith vs the CEO of Roxxon who can turn into a minotaur.

Fake THOR uses her waning strength to pry open the doors, the hammer flies out and smashes the remaining giants even as she starts to depower then returns to her.

Turns out that Malekith is seeking the skull of Laufey. Fake THOR smashes the skull and Malekith vows the frost giants will destroy Earth for this.

However they are all interrupted by the arrival of the REAL THOR, carrying his axe and wearing a cyborg left arm. Of course he ignroes Malekith and orders She-Ra/THOR to release the hammer or face his wrath.


So next issue is Real THOR vs. Wonder-Bra/Fake-Thor.

Mjolnir was denting the doors from the inside, yes.

However this is not exactly a new thing, back when Iron Man fought King Thor and Captain America intervened, King Thor struck hard enough to DENT Cap's shield. He later fixed it of course.

Also I believe way back in HULK 300, THOR's hammer impacted with the base of the adamantium statue of Hulk and left a dent in its base as well as an ear shattering sonic boom.

So the fact that Wonder-Bra/fake-THOR forced open some adamantium doors to get Mjolnir back is not that surprising.

Also do not forget that back in the day the Real THOR was known for restraining his full power except for times when he's had to fight the HULK, or Beta Ray Bill, or the Celestials, or when he came back from Raganarok and smacked Iron Man senseless with one hit from the hammer and then fried Iron Man's armor with one EMP bolt.

Also THOR's "godblast attack" when he combines his own power with the hammer has

1. repelled Galactus from attacking EGO the living planet.

2. Gave pause to Exitar the Exterminator when THOR blasted Exitar's brain vault open

3. pushed back the Juggernaut in Acts of Vengeance, a feat not previously accomplished at the time (until Onslaught first manifested)

So let's not get too excited about Fake-THOR's power levels. She likely has the same strength and power levels but lacks the proper restraint that the Real THOR has.

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