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Honest question that is not intended as criticism: Why is there a God of Hammers? By title alone, Ares would be the greater deity.

I'm not saying there isn't precedent for it in mythology (there's a God of Cereal in Japanese myths), but... why would this be a prominent god worthy of story? Hammers are not a fundamental force, concept, or element.

I assume there's also a God of Beards? God of Gauntlets? Belt Buckles?

'Okay, gods, we're going to draw straws for who gets what. Zeus gets the Heavens. Neptune gets the Seas. Pluto, the underworld.'

*Hours later*

'I'm afraid we only have Hammers and Jock Straps left...'


We do not know what this God of Hammers is, or where he comes from. Maybe he has no connection to Asgard at all though I suspect he will. Why is there a God of Hammers? Maybe to have a new, powerful foe worthy of a story. By your definition Ares would be more powerful than Thor. After all Ares is The God of War and Thor is a Thunder God with a hammer. Mjolnir was a fundamental force to the Vikings and even earlier incarnations' of the Gods. It was the thunder and lightening that slew the giants to protect mankind. Using beards, gauntlets, or belt buckles as a comparison seems to me a bit petty. You absolutely have the right to your opinion and state it here. Just do not be offended that I see it in a different sort of light. I get it that you are being sarcastic in the straw example but the hammers and jock straps is-well weird. Once more this is a critique of your post, NOT a personal attack against you.