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Due to how there is a nebulous and undefined God Cycle that reincarnates Asgardian gods (and maybe even their histories), are Thor and the Asgardians fundamentally the same beings as when they appeared originally?

Or is Thor a variant of the same Thor, similar but different, from when he first appeared? If so, how many versions of Thor and the Asgardians have there been?

I would say that until Oeming's Ragnarok, the Thor from JIM #83 to then was probably the same god, as were the Asgardians, even though there were touches of Ragnarok prior to that which were averted.

After being reborn, Thor has died (Fear Itself) and been reincarnated again. By my count, that would be three different Thors, if we exclude that Beyonders/Doom stuff (which I frankly didn't pay much attention to outside of the Thor / Odin bits). And if a death outside of Ragnarok has the same impact on their rebirth.

This is a way or reconciling divergent writing, and may not be intentional, but Fraction suggested that there are indeed many different versions of the gods. For example, when Amora was splitting open the World Tree's roots, the gods (even Hela) were remembering history different -- specifically as it relates to Skurge. At least one of the gods remembered Skurge as a bard; another remembered him a shoe cobbler (IIRC).

According to this, the gods can be reborn and be changed, and their alternate histories will fuse seamlessly with the current timeline. As Karnilla did with Ulik/Tanarus when Thor was deceased.

The Ragnarok Cycle is complicated, but I'll do my best to outline what we know. Every two thousand years or so, all the gods die in Ragnarok which feeds TWSAIS and the gods are then reborn soon afterwards. The gods seem to be literally born again to their mothers as we see several gods being born as their current versions such as Thor.

The gods have to die in Ragnarok in order for it to contribute to the cycle. For example, all of the gods who died in the final Ragnarok inhabited mortals and Thor was able to call them out, but Odin died fighting Surtur before Ragnarok so Thor could not revive him. It could be argued that returning from a death outside of Ragnarok could be linked to the cycle since fate may will them back so that they can later die in Ragnarok. The new gods can be very similar or very different. Fraction's Age of Thunder features Thor from the third Ragnarok cycle and he looks very similar to modern Thor, but he is more brutal and apathetic.

The Thor that we all know and love who first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 has never been reborn in the Ragnarok cycle. Unlike previous versions of Thor, he managed to see the Ragnarok cycle (thanks to Odin's plans) and broke the cycle forever. Any returns from death are now completely separate from Ragnarok. For example, after Fear Itself, Thor returns to life by fighting hs way out of the afterlife with the same version of Thor dying, awaking, and emerging. After breaking the cycle, Thor also says that he remembers every moment of his previous lives so at this point all versions of Thor are as close to being the same as they have ever been.

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