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    I remember Joe Quesada saying continuity was irrelevant. That has been evident since that time. Back when I started reading comics again I though t the problem of decompression was overstated but wow was I wrong. Basically it feels like everything is written for the trade and specialty market. Even there it seems they want to stretch one story line into two trades. Contrast with Walt's Ragnarok series where each issue leaves me feeling very satisfied with its content.
    I am no fan of the Frog though it was cool to see him pound the crap out of Don Blake.

The problem with not adhering to continuity is that big events don't really seem worth investing in. Stuff gets built up, established, then the next writer deflates it without any cares. Fear Itself was the beginning of the end of my real enjoyment of comics, as Aaron came along and showed that none of it was relevant.

If the reader is told that nothing matters, eventually they'll start to believe it.

Compare the current era to the 1980s. If something happened in one corner of the MU, it seemed relevant to the other corner. It was more of a tapestry rather than a patchwork quilt.

one of the greatest things about Marvel comics was the sense of continuity and intertwining which made for a closer link between company and readers. I think that started to unwind in the 90s along with the near fatal collapse of the industry.