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I had to scan Aaron's Avengers 1-50(750) in order to properly respond.

What scraps of "great showing" did Aaron show Thor in Avengers? "Beating 2 Russian gods without taking a scratch"? *Ahem* First of all, we do not know whether Thor took some scratches or not because the fight was largely off panel. There was one panel of Thor fighting them in issue #50, but that didn't tell the story of how that fight went down. The previous issue, Thor was shown about to confront them, but not the fight itself. Aaron didn't even show Thor after the fight, for all we know, he disappeared because he was on death's door and had to rush to an Asgardian medical clinic or something. Second, the 2 russian gods? Really? Those C-listers? Throw-away jobbers? The same two guys whom She-Hulk already swatted away with ease, when Thor was having trouble fighting their teammate, some kind of bear god or something in an earlier story. Those jabronies? Hahaha! Who cares in the grand scheme of things. That "off-panel victory" means nothing compared to how Aaron treated Thor in Avengers 1-50.

Here are Thor "showings" under Aaron in Avengers 1-50:

- he was relegated to a background character, with no meaningful storyline, nor was his presence essential to the team...he would beat some random vampire soldier, but at no point in the series was Thor vital in the storyline. His one sort of "story arc" in Avengers was the reveal that he is somehow the son of the Phoenix force....which was ultimately pointless, other than to change his mother from Gaea to the Phoenix force. Thor spent the rest of the story either chasing after the Phoenix for answers, Valkyrie restraining him, shouting...but was ultimately a non-factor in the story.

- not only was Thor not vital to the team, his presence sometimes create conflicts that the team had to overcome. Example, Thor was turned into a Brood. He acted like dumb Hulk, saying "thor strongest brood in the galaxy", fought Gladiator, but was brushed aside, fought Captain America, got knocked out with his own hammer after one hit...odin-powered Thor, brood enhanced, and yet, beaten with one hit from Captain America using his own hammer...then, when he woke up, the other Avengers treated him like a spoiled clueless kid when he asked "who moved the hammer", they said, "you did", when it was clearly Captain America. This was Odin-powered Thor????

- he was often shown to be drunk, or Reborn, he was even passed out for most of it, because he was drunk. Tony even said that he hated going to Asgard because the air smelled like booze. Seriously???? Asgard? The Golden Realm? The realm eternal? Home of the gods? Smell like alcohol?

- Odin powered Thor lost to Moon Knight. Moon Knight?????? Because, ohhhhh....Mjolnir is a "moon rock"???? What kind of dumb thing is that??? And not only did Thor was beaten to unconsious by his own hammer and encased in moons (so stupid), Moon Knight took mjolnir and used it as his pet weapon. Is Moon Knight worthy now? To add insult to injury, the same Moon Knight who used mjolnir against Thor, lost against Black Panther immediately the next issue....because some ancient Black Panther wielded mjolnir in the past, so mjolnir honors that bloodline....what???? Mjolnir is Thor's weapon now, has been his weapon for thousands of years, and yet mjolnir refuse to hit Black Panther because of some bloodline, but mjolnir has no problem whatsoever repeatedly hitting Thor, his wielder now???? That is some crazy b.s. writing...only from Aaron, who obviously just want to demean Thor...or irk his fans. Whatever, he is a hack.

- ohhhh what else....Thor becoming monster She-Hulk's playmate, ohhhh about this....their "kiss" started when Thor collapsed because some snow was too cold...what???? Thor flies through space all the time. He can even go to a black hole with no ill effects. He can travel inside the sun. And yet some snow is too cold for him???? Wahhhh?

- Thor can't beat Cosmic Ghostrider...ok, forget that, Cosmic Ghostrider has the power cosmic, fine...Thor can't even beat Johnny Blaze....ok forget Johnny Blaze, Thor couldn't even beat Robbie????

There are more....but I think these examples are enough to prove my point....that Thor "beating" 2 throw-away c-list characters, like those 2 russian gods, "off-panel" no less, amount to even come close to squaring off all the horrible showings that Jason Aaron has subjected Thor in his Avengers 1-50 run.

Thanks for you letting me know your Grievances...Though I don't recall asking I appreciate you chiming in..

I am well aware of most of the things you have listed and share the same frustrations but my question was for him alone because I wanted his opinion.

Don't read my words like I'm Aaron's biggest fan or something!

Maybe reread my words without assuming I'm faboying Aaron..

His King Thor was at least great.

Anyways thanks for your personal complaints on Aaron.