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Subj: Re: Yeah Because this isn't a Cool Thor feat or anything...
Posted: Sat Dec 25, 2021 at 01:08:48 am EST (Viewed 188 times)
Reply Subj: Yeah Because this isn't a Cool Thor feat or anything...
Posted: Fri Dec 24, 2021 at 10:57:16 pm EST (Viewed 200 times)

    I could see if this was the Hulk or some other character doing this to the Destroyer armor but it's Thor with his fists!

I don't particularly see the Hulk punching any harder than Thor. What's more, the Destroyer's Armor is similar to a Celestial Armor in its composition, and is further reinforced to an unbelievable degree by the Enchanted powers of many Sky Lords (including Odin himself). Thus, Thor shouldn't be able to cause ANY significant damage at all to the Destroyers Armor with his fists. In fact, you add the Hulk strength to Thor, and the result should be the same. The Armor should be countless times more powerful and durable than Mjolnir. These writers are messing Continuity so bad that NOTHING makes any sense at all.

    This board has become pretty depressing over the years..


    Like Thor jobs and it's the end of the world but then he gets some shine at the expense of his Rouge gallery and it's the end of the world again! Lol!

    You can't please anyone anymore

Agree again.. and this makes it seems as if many of these Thor's fans are psychologically just a little on the masochists side, IMHO.. They don't seem to ENJOY Thor kicking ass in the least..