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Subj: You're right...
Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2021 at 01:02:35 pm EST (Viewed 165 times)
Reply Subj: Wild inconsistencies are a symptom of declining writing quality
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    And We know the Odin Power would incinerate the Destroyer and has in the past.

Maybe the full, totality of the Odin-Power. Thor venting by using the Destroyer as a literal punching bag? Well, I see it as a strike against the Destroyer, because in comics that’s always how it plays out.

The Destroyer is supposed to be indestructible to a degree that it can threaten gods and more. I know Aaron is not entirely responsible, I just think he has lazily contributed to it. After all, impressing battle-boarders with fluff is more important than quality writing.

Still even having to acknowledged that...
It's still something I'll take so long as it makes Thor come off as more impressive...I hate though that it does make the Destroyer look weak even though it shouldn't.
So I totally understand you're point of view.