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Subj: Re: I'd prefer this...
Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2021 at 12:30:29 am EST (Viewed 149 times)
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    Heck make Fire hair be a form of Gaea!
    She said long ago that she appeared to Odin in one of her more voluptuous guises!

    Why not Fire Hair? Would make sense to me!

    Yeah they created a lil origin for her already but perhaps her true origin was being Jord and being put under a spell and made to live life as a mortal cave woman...who Odin came upon later...

    Between that time and the time she meets Thor she could of regained her previous memories and just omitted that when she told Thor she was his mother the first time to save time.

    I mean that makes the most sense to me.

What I think might be interesting is if Thor had another half sibling who's real mom was Phoenix. Kinda like what Atum is...