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Subj: I barely post.
Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2021 at 09:23:37 am EST (Viewed 82 times)
Reply Subj: I'm only asking you about a thing you talk about ad nauseum.  
Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2021 at 12:31:35 pm EST (Viewed 95 times)

    LGDB:  It's a light ageism at most! lol The kind old people should have by now developed the character to not care too much about.  And I don't know how old you are, but 18-34 is still the largest demographic, and while that's not kids, it's certainly not the old foggy set.

"The majority of respondents were 35 years old and older.
Very few said they were in their twenties. Almost everyone indicated
that the average age of comic book fans was older than thirty years and
very few young fans were seen in the stores or buying comic books."

    LGDB: Oh is that my argument?  I thought that was a joke I made briefly.

Are you a right-winger? Because that's how they justify their statements when pressed. 'I was only joking!'

    No.... my actual position is that the criteria for "poor quality" most of the time is subjective and arbitrary and has very little to do with the writing.

This is splitting hairs. Either writing hits the required marks as it relates to the source content or it doesn't. Some people have low standards.

If I think the last three seasons of Game of Thrones was terrible, obviously I'm not pulling that out of thin air.

    ...if you're angry about it or resentful or opposed to what you think the "bad" writing represents or you get some kind of sense of superiority for crapping on other people's art, you're going to be motivated to post more.

And yet I barely post. Huh.

    LGDB:  No it isn't.  Or at least it often isn't and certainly doesn't have to be.

It's not my fault you don't know how language is used.

    Believe it or not you can make distinctions between not liking something I thinking that thing is bad objectively.

I'm not putting an asterisk or disclaimer on every statement I make, nor should anyone be required to. The onus is on your to understand the fundamentals of language.

    I'll put this as a question: do you feel like there isn't a difference in meaning between "this is my opinion of a piece of art" and "this art is objectively bad"?

Yes, but who are you quoting? Again, you're putting on the onus on language fundamentals back on me, when it should be on you.

    LGDB: Oh you know, having to justify your opinion.

Wait, didn't you say that I'm making demands that my statements be taking as the 'literal decree of God, written on stone tablets, passed down by Moses himself'? Seems you've moved the goal posts as to what your objection is.

    But I think when you crap on people art your probably should have to.

And I have repeatedly. I used to write long posts/reviews detailing my points.

    And ultimately I think you DO at some level want to justify your position, because otherwise why would you still be participating in the conversation?

Because you nonsensically challenge me and need to be put in your place on general principle.

    LGDB:  No but you could provide a link.

No, you spend the time looking through the forum archives.

    That HAS to be less work that this reply you did lol

I haven't tried, and this forum barely functions as it is. Look at how much of a mess it is to reply to people. This forum is junk, coding-wise.

    next time you make an actual argument for why a thing is bad... rather than a baroque and angry screed about why the writing is bad that you've rendered immune from rational critique because it's "just opinion" maybe put an asterisks by it or something lol  Man, if only Donny Cates and Jason Aaron could find a way to shield their writing from criticism the way you've shielded your own criticism from criticism.   Hey, I know... maybe they can say their writing is just their opinion lol

Your points are junk. You get nothing.

    Ah.  Just curious.  How long did that last?  What was the point of departure for you?

The final issues. See my avatar.

    LGDB:  Not for me to judge, for the public board to judge.

I don't care what anyone thinks of my rationale, nor do I intend to change my behaviour.

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