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Subj: Re: Before I breaks this down, let's clarify something.
Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2021 at 05:23:05 pm EST (Viewed 144 times)
Reply Subj: Before I breaks this down, let's clarify something.
Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2021 at 03:48:44 pm EST (Viewed 147 times)

    You and I aren't making equal kinds of claims. And if we were you would have every reason to ask me to PROVE it's good.  But ultimately I have a more modest claim.  I think this is good, you think it's bad, but I'm admitting up top that's it's ultimately a matter of preference.

I've said repeatedly that I'm speaking for myself. I said I was speaking for myself months ago when you initially challenged me. I've said it recently. I'll say it now. I posted links to me saying this. So are you pretending to be stupid or are you not pretending? We've passed the point where this isn't a serious question.

OR, are you again demanding that I put an asterisk beside every comment where I criticize Cates or Aaron? Because, as we've established, that's not how language works on even a fundamental level. Anyone who makes such a demand is being, to be polite, unreasonable. And entitled.

    And I don't go in for the well a lot of people are dumb, cynical tack.

Why? Because it isn't polite or because it isn't true? Yes, Cates provides certain entertainment to people with certain expectations. My expectations are different, I would argue much higher. Is that a sin?

    I think there are as many dumb people on the internet not liking things as their are simpletons enjoying stuff they shouldn't.

Shots fired!

    As an analogy, in order for a car to even run, a lot of has to be correctly in place and calibrated.   Writing is hard.

No, it's not. It simply isn't. Writing GOOD is hard. Writing bad is very, very easy. Many artists become writers because writing is much easier than doing artwork. Between Cates and Aaron, they are writing a good portion of the Marvel Universe at this point. Monthly. Clearly they aren't struggling over plot directions and weaving together complicated character elements like George R. R. Martin. If you believe they are on his level or anywhere in the same literary universe, I'll just snicker and leave it at that.

Similarly, they are not on the level of Gillen or Gaiman or Alan Moore in his prime. The stories of Aaron and Cates are written for people with easily satiated appetites who don't care about continuity, coherence and aren't bothered by inconsistencies even within their own sphere of writing. That's fine, it's not for me.

    I should also add that with this particular selection you've included here, it's a portion of a larger story.

Feel free to include the entire story. I'm not sure why it matters, because if you can't finish a story in a sensical way -- well, that doesn't speak to your quality as a writer, does it?

    This portion probably isn't the strongest example of the story for a few reasons (e.g. it's probably not the actual conclusion with what happens to Blake, it's likely more open ended than definitive, it's the part that puts our hero in the most questionable moral light, etc.)  So even if I concede this is bad writing (which I don't), the rest of the story might be good enough that it, on balance, is still a good story despite this weaker part.

Wait, you're the one who said that good writing is a function of literary composition and not taste. Thus, anyone who speaks from a point of taste (preference) is wrong and a dastardly meanie for voicing their opinion without the mandatory asterisks and disclaimers.

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