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Subj: I don't think we're supposed to be talking about this here.
Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 at 11:18:09 pm EST (Viewed 90 times)
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    No, you see I don't think that the powerful should be held to different standards: I don't think someone, ANYONE should be kicked off Twitter unless they violate free speech laws.

Freedom of speech only applies to government censorship, not to a private company with terms of service. Maybe that explains why you don't hold Trump to the same standard as everyone else -- you have no clue to begin with.

I'm banned from the Community Forums because it was deemed that I violated the rules. Do you think message boards should have rules, Mr. Moderator?

Freedom of speech only applies to government censorship, not to a private company with terms of service. Maybe that explains why you don't hold Trump to the same standard as everyone else -- you have no clue to begin with.

LGDB: Well one, you're thinking of the 1st Amendment. The freedom of speech as a concept is a more basic philosophical precept, and I hate to tell you actually predates our Constitution. It makes more sense to think of a the freedom of speech as a condition that we're trying to achieve as opposed to just a admonition or injunction against the government from intervening against our rights.

Secondly, classically more entities than just the State have historically abridged the freedom of speech, namely the church and the private sector, i.e. businesses and corporations. This idea that somehow it's appropriate for us to outsource the abridgment of our rights to private companies, and especially liberals are okay with this, I think is probably not a good thing.

Thirdly, I DO think Trump should be held to the same standard as everyone else. My point is Trump shouldn't be kicked of social media, because I see know reason why anyone should be kicked off of social media, unless they violate those exceptions that are pretty well observed at this point; direct threats of violence or force, fire in a crowded room, and so on. You could argue the latter is the case, but that's for a court to decide. Not some unaccountable billionaire. Social media shouldn't be controlled by private companies who are only accountable to themselves and their stockholder, especially if they're going to monopolize the space. I'm not a Trump supporter, my position isn't informed by some interest or exceptional feeling (one way for another) for the ex president. It's informed by not wanted public discourse itself to be controlled by an oligarchy, instead of a democratic process of some kind.

Fourthly, this is not to be confused with small associations like let's say this message board. The reason it's a problem with that kind of moderation on entities like Twitter and Facebook has everything to do with their monopolization of the PUBLIC. It doesn't matter that these companies exist as privately owned enterprises. The fact that they have that much control of the market share means they have the capacity to control the lionshare of what's allowed to be said on line. And it's an atrocious idea to cede this level of power and influence to any private nondemocratic entity much less a for profit company. It would be like if one company owned 90% of the newspapers in the company and then decided what was allowed to be published. That's all together different than a small private group of people on a chat room or a message board, who want to decide how best to moderate their own group. The veritable agora of political discourse isn't something private entities should have control over. The various fan club message board of the world can police themselves however they like.

Fifthly, I didn't personally ban you from the Community Board and as moderators go I'm pretty lenient. This happened before I started moderating there. I didn't even know you were banned. Each moderator has to interpret the rules as honestly and reasonably as they can, and there's a lot of grey area, so I don't begrudge any other moderator's judgment as long as they're trying to be clear and not abusing their position. And if it were up to me, I don't even necessarily agree with all the rules and wouldn't necessarily design the rules this way, but it's not up to me. My job as the moderator as I understand it is to enforce the rules fairly and to the best of my ability. But that doesn't mean I think for a moment Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook should have a comparable kind of moderation.

Sixthly, I don't think THIS moderator want us to have this discussion here. But instead we should have it on the Community Forum. Would you like to be unbanned? I can talk to bd299 and look into the process for reinstatement. If not, regardless we should probably just keep this off of this board. You can send me a private message if you want to discuss it further.

---the late great Donald Blake

P.S. Feel free to delete or lock this Zelandoni, I know this probably isn't relevant to the Thor board, I addressed this stuff because he asked me as a moderator.