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    That you don't read the books at all.

I'm sorry but Marvel continuity is utterly broken and these are totally fair questions in the Cates/Aaron-era.

Immodicus, I appreciate you rallying to the defence of "innocent" Jesusfan. But surely you must have realised by now that Jesusfan lurks around this message board just to annoy. S/he is not invested in the Thor character, history, or mythos at all, but pretends sympathy and interest to ruffle feathers when he can. S/he'll ask a few inane and puerile and leading questions, but when there's an emotive issue that will allow him/her to, s/he'll typically draw attention to it with relish in a way that allows her/him to subtly (or not) insult the character.
For those who have a genuine interest in Thor, they need not have read the comics to engage intelligently with fans, but for someone who posts so often on this board and who raises so many questions, one would expect him/her to be more knowledgeable. It is quite funny, really.