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Subj: Re: Marvel targets readers with surgical precision; like any corporation that size
Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2022 at 08:20:30 am EST (Viewed 93 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Marvel targets readers with surgical precision; like any corporation that size
Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 at 07:34:17 am EST (Viewed 77 times)

    If its such a big money maker as you attest, why does Manga not skew to that progressive audience?

Because it is made in Japan, and caters to a Japanese audience and culture. The biggest market is not America, it is Japan.

Japan has a little problem with race and gender.

Anyone who thinks America is a misogynistic or a patriarch should check out more of the world. The US certainly has issues with gender, but Japan has it really bake. It is part of why Japanese American women, who grew up here feel very out of place when visiting Japan. Or talk to American women went there for work, and were in a position of power. I know some.

What is more the Brazilian and Korean minorities are treated terribly.

Also, very classist, and takes issues with many basic straying of normality. Something as simple as putting off college until you are 25 can make people look down on you.

NO Japanese people are not naturally bad, but for all the interesting elements of the or culture, the massive modernization of the late 1800s and early 1900s left some old-fashioned views to Americans. Sort of like decades of Jim Crow made Americans weird about race (yes that includes people too anxious to prove they are not racist).

And yes, many American comics these days are not great... but wokeness is hardly the biggest problem. Yes, it is annoying, but lack of characterization, taking too long to tell a basic story, and being hamstrung by other elements related to the characters like movies are much bigger problems.

Here is the thing though, we are now at a point where most comic writers are Manga fans. There is a lot of Manga in modern Marvel and DC. I know because I don't like Manga, and I see it.

-Increase of out of place jokes
-More blunt writing (which really comes from translating)
-slower paced issues, since Manga is sold as a whole, not by the issue
-Less introspection
-Focus on younger characters
-Emotions being written mostly muted, then in extremes usually for comedy
-Obsession with randomness as a joke.
-Increase of aloof characters who are just over it.
-Characters who are excited all the time... which out would think contradicts the last one, but NOPE. Manga loves the extremes.

There is little difference between Kamala Kahn and the Amadeus Cho Hulk and any number of Manga characters.

And if things you hate include things like Iceman becoming gay, and that being his only character trait. There is a whole subset of Manga that is just gay exploitation, and specifically based on the relationships.

But the real reason people don't read American comics... including trades of older stuff, which are more readily available... is because they think the movies reached into shit, and made it something they want.

Manga started becoming popular in the late 90s, so you have a lot of people who grew up with it. They view it as a part of their life.

Meanwhile comics were not readily available starting in the 90s. Comic fans spent forever acting like only Watchmen and DKR mattered, and a general view that they were childish or associated with less desirable human traits. Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons anyone?

Not to mention, it is always cooler when it happens ion another country.

And to answer why I now about this. I remember the 2000s, i was one of the few American comic readers I knew in the era of Brubaker (the last great comic writer), but I knew a lot of Manga and Anime fans. Even dated a chick who was really into it around... 2009 or 10. I liked her a lot, which is why I listened to her drone on about Manga, like she listened to me drone on about comics.

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