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    Based on what Jack Kirby and Stan Lee wrote back in the day when Thoe was new to Marvel, yes it was Odin's power that enchanted the hammer and made it to what we thought we knew about Mjolnir. Aaron had destroyed that concept and threw it out the window. Now anything is possible, and continuity be dammed. This means twenty years from now a new PC writer will come along and makeup some crap about the hammer being made by Galactus' grandmother two universes ago. I stopped buying Thor when Marvel went all PC and they are going down a path I cannot follow or spend money on. 

JesusFan, to add to Makkari's statement the Hammer was originally forged by Eitri the dwarf at Odin's behest it was Odin that supplied the power and enchantments that granted Mjolnir its signature abilities (worthiness enchantment, portal creation, affinity for channeling Asgardian energies/Thor's power, etc.) and virtual indestructability.    

Aaron decided Odin's enchantments would no longer be the source of Mjolnir's power and instead vilified and lessened Odin by "revealing" that Odin trapped the "Mother Storm" inside of Mjolnir and SHE/IT is real source of Mjolnir's abilities.  

That was back in the Silver Age, when odin was most powerful ever was, so now that he is weaker, Marvel decided that he was not able to do that?