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Subj: Re: I saw a concerted effort to diminish Odin... 
Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 at 10:28:44 am EST (Viewed 110 times)
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    I haven't been on here in quite a while but my answer is well Yes and No.  Cannon Odin supplied the enchantments. As far as I know, it's Thor's internal life force that supplied the "power" to Mjolnir.  

    And while I can't argue I'm not a fan of Cates recon history of Mjolnir, how exactly is Odin "lessened" if Odin  defeated the Mother Storm one-on-one and trapped it within Mjolnir? 

    This means the Odin-Power is superior to the Mother Storm right?

This is how I look at it...  In the past anytime a powerful character (such as an enraged Hulk) failed to lift Mjolnir it added shine to Odin's power.   
That WAS Odin-fueled magic doing the work...  

With Aaron's retcon this is no longer the case and instead it is the God Tempest's full power -- a being that is equal to Odin at the height of his power -- that fuels Mjolnir's enchantments.   

Also, the fact that Odin emtombed/enslaved a sentient being then weaponized it and lied about this fact for millennia, essentially "stealing" the credit (lying by omission) for Mjolnir's enchantments absolutely diminishes Odin in my view. 

Let's not forget that the Mother Storm-fueled Mjolnir embarrassed Odin under Aaron and also proved Odin powerless to overcome the worthiness enchantment if she/it decided he is unworthy.    
I don't see how you can honestly view these things as anything other than an attack on Odin's stature.


Regarding Thor's power being channeled through Mjolnir, sure.  
It is understood that anytime we see Thor controlling lightning/the weather or channeling his life essence into Mjolnir to perform the godblast then yes that's Thor using Mjolnir to help channel his own power.   

Mjolnir had many enchantments that weren't related to channeling Thor's power at all though.   
Such as Worthiness, return to sender/flight, (formerly) time travel, energy absorption, etc.