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Subj: What I would like to see is that THOR....
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Reply Subj: I see it as a need to get BANNED again but until then, let's discuss
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    This is how I look at it...  In the past anytime a powerful character (such as an enraged Hulk) failed to lift Mjolnir it added shine to Odin's power.   
    That WAS Odin-fueled magic doing the work...

    No disagreement here. 

      With Aaron's retcon this is no longer the case and instead it is the God Tempest's full power -- a being that is equal to Odin at the height of his power -- that fuels Mjolnir's enchantments.

      Odin defeated the Mother Storm therefore they are not equal. Perhaps rivals is a better description, but not equals in sheer power.   

        Also, the fact that Odin emtombed/enslaved a sentient being then weaponized it and lied about this fact for millennia, essentially "stealing" the credit (lying by omission) for Mjolnir's enchantments absolutely diminishes Odin in my view.

        Interesting viewpoint but to my knowledge (and I may be wrong here so please correct me), but I don't remember it being stated anywhere the Mother Storm being credited for the enchantments. In fact, Odin's enchantments were in effect on the hammer before the Mother Storm was imprisoned and it could not override them in the beginning (e.g. Thor wasn't able to lift Mjolnir before or afterwards the Storm came into the picture because he wasn't worthy). 

          Let's not forget that the Mother Storm-fueled Mjolnir embarrassed Odin under Aaron and also proved Odin powerless to overcome the worthiness enchantment if she/it decided he is unworthy.    
        I don't see how you can honestly view these things as anything other than an attack on Odin's stature.

        Yeah the whole Jane Foster becoming worthy writing buffoonery that Odin was no longer worthy but for centuries was worthy and somehow the Mother Storm was able to override his will/enchantments (the way I see it as stated above). 

        Also Jane (I believe your referring to here) embarrassed Odin by battling him and showed she had a clear edge over him. Which again makes no sense because Odin defeated the Mother Storm and imprisoned it into Mjolnir to use it's power to energize the hammer which brings me to another point.... 


          Regarding Thor's power being channeled through Mjolnir, sure.  
        It is understood that anytime we see Thor controlling lightning/the weather or channeling his life essence into Mjolnir to perform the godblast then yes that's Thor using Mjolnir to help channel his own power.   

        Mjolnir had many enchantments that weren't related to channeling Thor's power at all though.   
        Such as Worthiness, return to sender/flight, (formerly) time travel, energy absorption, etc.

        Right and I made the distinction between the two (enchantments and Thor's power) to bring into question--we don't know for certainty the Mother Storm effect on Mjolnir, even on the enchantments. Did the Storm suddenly take over and replace them (which wasn't evident when it was imprisoned) or was there an erosion over time? Why all of a sudden was the Storm able to gain control over Odin's will when it couldn't before, centuries later?  

        Why wasn't this so-called Tempest not released or even detected each time Mjolnir was broken over the years and even more disconcerting, why the Master of the Mystic Arts could not sense it's presence when he repaired the hammer by bonding Mjolnir to Thor? 

        It appears to me the Tempest gives the power of the storm but nothing else. Everything else was taken over by the Storm, the enchantments are still there just not working properly.

        Will all of the above questions I presented above in the coming issues be explained?  Probably not, but something is going to happen to give Thor back complete sovereignty over Mjolnir again. Until then I'm hoping for the best and will reserve judgment on Cates to see how he cleans up the mess Aaron created. 


What I would like to see is that THOR come to grips with his psychological need for Mjolnir.

We all saw how he crumbled when he couldn't use it and was whining about the loss.

He doesn't need the hammer to be the God of Thunder