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I apologize in advance if I miss anything, the quote function is kind of a mess…

    Odin defeated the Mother Storm therefore they are not equal. Perhaps rivals is a better description, but not equals in sheer power.

Odin used a chunk of Uru to imprison the Mother Storm, he won but whether that was a display of superior power is very open to interpretation, IMO.
They fought for a long time and seemed equal until Odin pulled the Uru trick.
Since the entrapment in Uru was the method of victory I think it begs the question: could Odin have defeated the Storm on his own?
I don’t think the story made it clear either way.
I say equals because I saw it as Odin breaking their days long deadlock through well-timed strategy and the use of a McGuffin rather than through superior personal power.

What’s telling to me is that Aaron portrayed Odin as not fully understanding how he even accomplished the feat and utterly powerless to control the newly forged Mjolnir because of the Mother Storm's power and influence.
Even when Aaron gave Odin a W he couldn’t resist tearing him down later in the very same issue.

    Interesting viewpoint but to my knowledge (and I may be wrong here so please correct me), but I don't remember it being stated anywhere the Mother Storm being credited for the enchantments. In fact, Odin's enchantments were in effect on the hammer before the Mother Storm was imprisoned and it could not override them in the beginning (e.g. Thor wasn't able to lift Mjolnir before or afterwards the Storm came into the picture because he wasn't worthy).

The Mother Storm was imprisoned into the chunk of Uru that was forged into Mjolnir. The Mother Storm entrapment predated the forging of Mjolnir.

IMO, Aaron’s run proved that the Mother Storm either fueled or hijacked Odin’s enchantments (or likely both).
The Mother Storm could choose who was worthy (including Odin), who it flew for — how well it flew for them, etc.

    Yeah the whole Jane Foster becoming worthy writing buffoonery that Odin was no longer worthy but for centuries was worthy and somehow the Mother Storm was able to override his will/enchantments (the way I see it as stated above).
    Also Jane (I believe your referring to here) embarrassed Odin by battling him and showed she had a clear edge over him. Which again makes no sense because Odin defeated the Mother Storm and imprisoned it into Mjolnir to use it's power to energize the hammer which brings me to another point....

I'm referring to the time Odin first tried to use the freshly forged Mjolnir and the Mother Storm (via Mjolnir) nearly destroyed Asgard while it dragged Odin around helplessly. Odin proved powerless to wield or control Mjolnir unless the Mother Storm cooperated.
We saw Mjolnir blatantly defy and/or overpower Odin numerous times under Aaron while historically Odin had complete mastery over Mjolnir’s enchantments since they were solely products of his power.

    It appears to me the Tempest gives the power of the storm but nothing else. Everything else was taken over by the Storm, the enchantments are still there just not working properly. Will all of the above questions I presented above in the coming issues be explained?  Probably not, but something is going to happen to give Thor back complete sovereignty over Mjolnir again. Until then I'm hoping for the best and will reserve judgment on Cates to see how he cleans up the mess Aaron created. 

Cates clean up a mess? That will be the first time he's done so at Marvel. Cates is Aaron's self-professed protege and names Aaron's Thor run as his “all time favorite” comic run, don't hold your breath for Cates to clean anything of Aaron's up.

He may bring a everything back to status quo but he’s the one the shook it up in ridiculous fashion to begin with.

I personally don’t expect Cates to clean anything up, he adores Aaron’s work and I frankly don’t think he has the knowledge, creativity or writing chops to pull it off.
I suspect Cates will continue to build off of Aaron’s foundations and resolve everything in a completely unsatisfying way while overloading the reader with false dilemmas along the way — which IMO has been Cates most consistent writing fingerprint while at Marvel.

Odin seemed that he only could defeat the Mother Storm by trickery and guile, not like in the Silver Age days when pretty much just waved his hand and it was done by sheep power!

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