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Subj: When Disney use Thor art on their merch it isn't of this vagrant depiction...
Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 at 10:24:31 pm EST (Viewed 127 times)
Reply Subj: For a man with a hammer every problem is a nail.
Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 at 09:03:07 pm EST (Viewed 174 times)

    I don't know man. I just think you're being a bit paranoid. Like, I don't think these authors are all consciously ideologically motivated to girlify men or suborniate them to castrating women or anything. Okay... maybe Jason Aaron lol



    Like a starving homeless man is 'ready' to jump the soup queue at the shelter.

    LGDB: I feel like you don't have a lot of experience with homeless people. But I'll tell you what, if I met one with a Thor hammer I would definitely give him money.

At least we know he'd be worthy.

    ...if he could muster up the strength to lift it...were the hammer not a rebellious female intelligence - suppressed for decades by the patriarchy.


    LGDB: I feel like you almost know too much about this stuff lol

Its almost like I can read his mind (in reality his playbook).

    It applies to most of the male characters in Marvel. Heroic proportions are out of fashion at the House of Progressive Ideas.


    LGDB: Wait so you think Marvel artists are ALL (or mostly) trying to denigrate men? (What about the guys that have been working there for a while?

I'm likely exaggerating. I don't read any modern Marvel comics and my contemporary familiarity with them probably amounts to current Thor and X-Men.

    Use some of the interior art from the past year. Is there a healthy, muscular Thor anywhere to be found?


    LGDB: Thor IS a positive role model! Do you REALLY think it's an editorial mandate. And yeah absolutely lots of muscular Thor.

    And do you really think there's an editorial mandate?

Honestly no, but at the same time there sure as heck ain't anyone employed at Marvel that does not fully support such an agenda.

    And I added some interiors here. I dunno man. He looks pretty yoked to me.

I stand corrected. I'll admit he looks muscular in those pictures - albeit still a disheveled, depressed 70 year old...which is not the heroic ideal people aspire to.


    He should look like a 'roided superhuman male model (like the headline banner in this forum). He's an aspirational ideal, not every other average looking guy you meet who is having a bad day.


    LGDB: yeah, but roided up male models aren't even that strong relative to like power lifters and stuff.

You are nitpicking as a deflection tactic.

I'm saying he needs to be handsome and muscular. Thor, much like Superman should always be an aspirational ideal and role model.

I don't aspire to being a raggedy, 70 year old and I certainly don't aspire to being molested in a Russian Gulag for 8 months either.

    And I think you're exaggerating about him looking small. Plus their are plenty of Thor artists in the past that didn't make Thor much bigger if at all bigger. I don't think Walt's Thor is bigger than Klein's for instance.

You are still dancing around the issue.

Thor is no longer drawn as an aspirational hero.

Now you could argue the point of the story is to weigh him down with problems but that 'deconstruction' has been going on 8 years or more now. Its never going to change.

Aaron's Thor in his Avengers run is still more or less handsome (and somewhat Hemsworth-esque), though I suspect Aaron's angling to insert that (She)Hulk & Thor romance into pop culture which utterly emasculates Thor beyond Aaron's original hit piece on the character (ie. His Thor run).


    That art is probably what Klein thought he would look like in the run before he was told to draw a scraggly, depressed vagrant.


    LGDB: I don't know man. Are you sure you're not being paranoid?

See what Marvel comics have done to me. \:\-\)

It will be interesting to see how Thor is depicted in the various stories of issue #750.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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