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Subj: Klein's depiction of Thor would fit really well in an Old Man Thor story.
Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 at 07:39:11 am CST (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: Re: When Disney use Thor art on their merch it isn't of this vagrant depiction...
Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 at 10:49:26 pm CST (Viewed 126 times)

    Honestly no, but at the same time there sure as heck ain't anyone employed at Marvel that does not fully support such an agenda.

    LGDB: Yeah that's a good point; it's not as if they'd have to be told what to think, but they likely wouldn't be hired if they were resistant to it.

...and they'd be fired and ostracised if they were already there with those views.


    You are nitpicking as a deflection tactic.

    I'm saying he needs to be handsome and muscular. Thor, much like Superman should always be an aspirational ideal and role model.

    I don't aspire to being a raggedy, 70 year old and I certainly don't aspire to being molested in a Russian Gulag for 8 months either.


    LGDB: that last one seems out of left field lol

This craziness is not limited to Thor. Its ALL aspirational white male heroes.

    But I think precisely the thing you're annoyed by is something I like about Klein's art, it reminds me of the old are you'd see in Heavy Metal magazine. I do think it's an intentional kind of roughness or even ugliness, but I think that's kind of part of the charm.

The art is very good. The characterization of an older Thor is cool if this were a limited story such as "Old Man Thor". But this is the whole run now. This is meant to be the current Thor. A literal old man...and that destroys the aspirational aspect of the character.

    Also, I think this story has more of a mature feel than some of other Thor interpretations.

It has to be more mature - he looks 70 for goodness sake. It would be even more jarring if they retained the comedic style of Aaron's last body of work with Mike Del Mundo.

    I don't think this is necessarily better, but I think there's room to have these kinds of various interpretations of the Thunder God. I like the polished stuff as well.

I agree. As limited stories. But the main interpretation of Thor (going on several years now) should not be as an old man...we already have Odin for that role.

    You are still dancing around the issue.


    LGDB: I'm a big fan of Nietzsche.


    Thor is no longer drawn as an aspirational hero.

    LGDB: I think maybe this artist doesn't do that as much, doesn't emphasize the aspirational hero aspect as much that is, but can you think of any modern examples that you do like? Like is there a contemporary artist that you think does generate that aspirational feel?

I'm a big fan of Ryan Ottley - so it will be interesting to see what he does with Hulk (even though at the very least I'll be waiting on the trades).

I'm currently reading One-Punch Man and Berserk and while those are not aspirational heroes they are drawn heroically proportioned. Edit: I should point out Saitama is typically the comic relief in that book and not generally drawn heroically proportioned.

    Now you could argue the point of the story is to weigh him down with problems but that 'deconstruction' has been going on 8 years or more now. Its never going to change.


    LGDB: Can you explain your thinking here? I don't follow.

Thor has not been shown in a heroic light since Jason Aaron cut his arm off.

I can understand a writer wanting to run the character "through the Mill" as they say. But with an aspirational hero, the story should always end in a positive outcome. The aspirational hero can have moments of doubt - but this has gone on years FFS!

Aaron & Cates are not writing an aspirational Thor.

People don't aspire to be old.
People don't aspire to be depressed.
People don't aspire to be weak.
People don't aspire to be disabled.
98% of Men certainly don't aspire to be useless with women.
99.9% of Men certainly don't aspire to be romantically linked to someone who looks like that incarnation of (She)Hulk.

Those are the completely opposite traits classically associated with Thor until Jason Aaron took over. Deconstruction is the excuse to invert everything about a character - which is why I say Aaron & Cates do not love the character of Thor because if they did they would not change everything intrinsic to him.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.