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Subj: Re: Variant covers keeping a sinking ship afloat...?
Posted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 at 06:38:40 pm EST (Viewed 167 times)
Reply Subj: Variant covers keeping a sinking ship afloat...?
Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2022 at 10:51:44 pm EST (Viewed 201 times)

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I'll be getting issue #750, maybe I'll be able to get one of the better (IMO) covers.

Saw a video recently suggesting the shady practices (dealer incentives) surrounding variant covers are responsible for about 25% of gross sales.

The fact that virtually every issue seems to have a handful of variants or more now is telling. Its never been as ridiculous as it is now.

I'm not against variant covers per say, but it clearly dilutes the gravitas of comic covers and takes away the potential iconic status a great cover has.

Yeah, the comic industry is very broken and variant based incentives are a big reason for that. For those who don’t know, a comic book store often needs to order a certain amount of an issue in order to receive the variant for the issue. The problem is the store may not be able to sell all those issue so they have to risk taking a loss if they want to provide customers with variants. It’s just all kinds of messed up. Marvel could keep pumping out bad issues that no one wants to read, but the comic book stores will be the ones that suffer financially. Meanwhile Marvel keeps steady regardless of what they put out as they slowly squeeze the life out of the one place where people can consistently buy their physical comics. The consumer suffers because publishers has no reason to improve their product and the stores suffer because they are losing money.

I think it would be best to keep variants in a more limited capacity. Like this upcoming #750 issue seems worthy of some variants (I’ll probably get one since the cover feels more like the 24th issue than the 750th issue). Ideally this would even out the incentives thing as well since more important issues will be easier for stores to sell (though obviously I’d prefer that they’d be done away with entirely).