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Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 at 06:46:00 am EST (Viewed 1418 times)
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I'm hearing a rumour that the season ends with an all-new cast. I'm wondering if this main team gets captured in a cliffhanger and they have to be saved by the also-rans we've seen earlier.

Anyway, somewhere along the way, this has become my favourite DC TV series.

It has to be my favorite, I stopped watching the dCWverse a couple seasons ago. I saw a cool clip of a battle with Amazo somewhere (upcoming or current, don't know) but when I try to watch the shows there's just too much cool kid drama and soapiness and not enough superhero. If I have to watch Barry doing stupid things amymore to make a conflict that should last .001 seconds string between 3 fights and 5 commercial breaks again I'll scream.

Other than Dawn and Hank what other stringers have we seen? I guess the Doom Patrol. Jason Psycho.. But yeah, in one of the dream sequences Dawn saw Rachael yelling for her to find Jason Todd. If they thought Grayson was off the deep end they'll really flip over Jason. Not sure about the DP, but considering the other 3 are all 'just human' they sure could use some heavier fire power.

I still wanted to kick Rachael in the face, I guess you can take the position that here's a scared kid with her wonderful Mommy returned to her, but isn't she supposed to be able to tell when someone is lying? Blinded by devotion? Make Trigon Great Again?

It's a bummer that the show finishes up before Christmas, I've been rewatching Young Justice from the beginning to prep for The Outsiders in a few weeks which will hopefully ease the loss.

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