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Some spoilers on the final issue.

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Honestly - I was pretty devastated when I heard this news.....but I’m open to a reboot if it will focus on different characters, maybe a different area of the world and start it back at the beginning of the outbreak and show how other circumstances change how someone grows and adapts. I haven’t been in love with TWD since they stayed in Alexandria. The safety of the book changed and even though the external human attacks were more serious, it lost its true “creepy” factor when it shifted to living enemies instead of the dead.

I liked the edge of the seat, moving from place to place element of the book (and the TV show for that matter)

As for Kirkman’s statement about not wanting to stretch it out.... I have a hard time buying into that! He is helping AMC pummel the market with Zombie series with 3 TWD tv series and several movies coming soon - I can’t imagine a comic book is really making him feel like this world is being stretched thin (or getting it closer to that) but I do think that maybe he feels that he has told this tale and is ready to move on to telling a new tale in the same universe....... TWD has cemented its place in history along with Superman, Batman, Spider-Man..... people will keep buying the zombie verse......why leave cash on the table?

I think all the upcoming t.v. projects were just to much for him to continue the books at the quality of years past. Basically they have been telling the same story over and over. The bizarre aspect was ending it in such an abrupt manner. Although I agree with his decision to move on -like Mr. Kirkman could care less- it is surprising. It is 71 pages so three issues in one and I can only imagine the cajones to turn away the money a final issue #200 would have brought in! The issue itself is fairly pedestrian with Carl as a man with a family. There is some drama and a nice ending. It really would not have surprised if everyone had been killed. He also talks about how and when he almost ended the series earlier. The afterward by Kirkman address the why now question in straight forward fashion. However I doubt this is the final demise of The Walking Dead in comic book form. Whether that is in a vol. 2 or other writers and artists doing work in TWD universe something will come.