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Edited to throw in some rambling commentary on the Return of the Living Dead movies.

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I'm shocked that despite not being a fan of Fear, I still enjoyed this finale. Really good mix of emotions. Kinda sad they took out Matt Frewer's character several eps ago, but oh well.

Shot in the heart and a group of zombies coming at him. But aw yeah, Morgan gonna survive!

Well it just wasn't much of a year. I do not know if next year has been green lit but I will not be surprised if its cancelled. Of course the cliff hanger ending is par but I cannot see any real reason to follow the show. They are telling the same story repeatedly. I respect Kirkman and am glad he gets to tell it the way he wants however I felt the comic books were fantastic until around #100 where (IMO) it switched from horror into soap opera. I dvr this year and watched them without enthusiasm. There are characters I like on the show and the effects are fun to watch especially when Talking Dead runs segments showing how they make them. I doubt the Walking Dead comic will stay cancelled unless it is just too much for Mr. Kirkman and he must choose which projects he can continue and money wise I am pretty sure comics will be on the short ended straw. I believe he should do one of the things which he swore to never even consider. I think it is time to change the zombie rules and start with a new universe but it may be time to time to consider moving forward into a new era.
I know he is a Night of the Living fanatic though aren't we all? The Romero/Russo movie had some fast zombies as does Dawn. I think zombie wise The first of Russo Return of the living Dead which was written and directed by Dan O'Bannon is awesome and really under rated film. I would not want Walking Dead to have zombies as they were because fast or even primal pack cunning would be a nice step up. However any zombie must be be susceptible to the brain splattering rule. The only miscue from ROTLD was changing that. The first sequel is a some mix of good and more bad. If you ever want to waste a hour and half watch the directors commentary to see why it failed. He was so disrespectful and could not be bothered to find out anything about the history of the smallest part of the movies that preceded his movie. The actors seem to have made the material come alive and it is a guilty pleasure for me. One of the seemingly really cool things-I thought at the time - was use a whole family of brothers killed in the war. Then I find out he just gave all the zombie parts were given to a guy who seemed a little more into it than the other zombie actors.
Anyway I hope Robert Kirkman sees this message and does two things moving forward
First He should send me money-say a high six figure number- no make that a seven figure amount. Why no one asks but it is for two reasons. First because of the brilliant advise I am dispensing. Also because I am both lazy and greedy.:)
Second Mr. Kirkman and collaborators stick to their version of WD because it is great to see them build their world and know they really have control of the content. So please continue doing it your way. I may not be feeling the product as in bygone days but I have loaned out my first three compendium several times and those persons have ALL gone on buying the later issues and a couple feel the way I do but most think it was great all the way to the last issue though we were all shocked when it ended so abruptly. I like that it was your choice. I still think we will see that 200th issue at some point.
;\-\) ;\-\)