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o.k I believe my comments on FTWD episode 1 did not do it justice.

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Subj: Re: So no love for the WD World Beyond ?
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Yeah- Both are big NOs on my list. The first episode was boring. The group of bad ass military that seems to be running through all three shows wants to be intriguing but looks like more of the same with military weapons.
The colored book just seems a waste to me. RK conceived and executed as a black& white and I think it looks best in that format. More power to him if it works well.

Sat down last night and actually paid attention to it and was a bit surprised. While the Virginia and her army seems the same as every WD plot since around issue 100 or season 3 I rather enjoyed how Morgans tale went. I have not been a fan of his since the spiritual rebirth that turned him stupid about the realities of the world and frankly that philosophy should have gotten him killed long ago.
I am not going into a lot of plot details but he eventually realizes this and seems to becoming bad ass Morgan though with his brain functioning so not like the psycho that showed up when returning to TWD universe. This episode had a blend of action and character development that was done very well. The other people involved were interesting as well. What he does in the last twenty minutes definitely cemented how much he changed. The only bad thing was the bounty hunter was maybe the most interesting foe I have seen in quite a while. Sadly he finally pisses Morgan off and will not be doing any return to the WD world.; On the cool side Morgan gets a new and really cool weapon. When he uses it you know how much he has changed. The mystery of who patched Morgan up and this new group of graffiti behind The End IS THE BEGINNING signals either new friends or foes. Depending on how many there are Virginia may have more to worry about than Morgan. Also them searching for the key Mogan has picked up and the huge submarine (at least I think that is what it is) are intriguing. I did not pay attention on the first viewing and change my opinion on this episode. Now whether it remains interesting is still a ongoing project.
WDTWB still sucked.