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    By the time she became the Goblin Queen, you really understood how that could happen to her, it may not have been right, but she had been pushed and pulled so muck it made sense. Her story was a tragedy, and while you didn't agree with what she ultimate did, you could at least sympathize with how she could get to that position.

One theme that resounded in the Avengers title is that the team just moved on - and didn't deal with the personal carnage they wrought as they jumped from one crisis to another. Avengers Annual #10 dealt with this extremely well. Avengers Disassembled revisited it (not nearly as well, but still).

The same could be said about the X-Men, and Madelyn, in my opinion, is their biggest unresolved failure. Scott had actually been married to her. She had borne his son. She had deep friendships among the core team. And when she became a villain they basically just shrugged, said "she's evil now" and stopped caring. Friends don't do this to each other. And husbands don't do this to the mother of their child. Shame on the X-Men for never making things right with Madelyn. She is crying out for help and they are treating her as just another villain-du-jour. Not heroic, not cool and not acceptable.

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