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    Uh uh... and originally, Rogue bleached the stripe(s) in her hair. She even said so when she joined X-Men, changing from white temples to the stripe.

    But at some point we even got flashbacks of her as a kid with stripe.

I don't remember her ever outright stating that she bleached the white stripe(s) or whether the one stripe or two thing was to be seen as her combing the white in different ways. In any case, things were complicated by two artists being involved in the change: Paul Smith, then the regular artist, designed the new, younger look with one stripe, and introduced it in UXM #170 (in the panel showing her taking a bus out of Washington). However, apparently due to Smith's scheduling problems, the subsequent issue (#171), where Rogue arrives at the X-Mansion and joins the team, was drawn by Walt Simonson, who apparently was not informed of the change. In any case, he drew her with the two stripes Rogue had been shown with before UXM #170. In the issue after that (UXM #172), Paul Smith returned and drew her with one stripe again, without this being remarked up on in the dialogue.

The first story showing Rogue as a young girl was the backup feature in Classic X-Men #44, by Ann Nocenti and Kieron Dwyer. It showed young Rogue with one stripe.

    As for Betsy, my fanon explanation is that their DNA changed because the two did not simply switch bodies. They merged bodies on a genetic level, but not completely. This is even stated in the Kwannon story back in the 90s.

It was actually a letters column that said that about Rogue's hair, so I guess not "official."

And while we're at it, Emma is established as a bleach blonde with natural brown hair in recent books, but she was even able to keep the blonde during her comas (yeah plural). And her "clones" or whatever they are, Cuckoos, are oddly blondes.

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