Updated Rules/Guidelines for the all boards as of 6/14/05. The bold is additional Rules/Guidelines for this board only.

1. Impersonating others. Choose whatever name you wish for the boards, but under NO circumstances will you intentionally impersonate another poster. Please use one name at a time and if you switch, make it known you're doing so. We want people to know with whom they speak, and we want to form a community.
1A. This rule also includes posting under multiple handles. Don't do it.

2. No profanity. Keep profanity to an absolute minimum. These are all-ages message boards and we want to maintain at the VERY WORST a PG-13 level of discourse. Also, under no circumstances should profanity (or even "cleverly" disguised profanity) be used in the subject line of a message.
2A. Profanity should not be located anywhere in the post also.

3. No spam. Spam is defined as any message which does not relate to the topic of the message board, is solely posted to advertise a personal site, a money making scheme, a chain letter, or something of that nature.
3A. This includes posts that are nothing more than advertising your website regardless if the website is relevent to this board. Board regulars can post about their websites provided the sites are on-topic for the board. Anyone can include a link to their personal (on or off-topic) websites in an on-topic post of substance. These links cannot be to sites that violate any rules of Comicboards.com, i.e. porn, money making schemes, etc.
3B. No posting about your personal sales or auctions of comics. PERIOD. If you have something up for auction, feel free to include a link to it in an on-topic post of substance.
3C. No posting of fan-fiction.

4. No Pornography. Alvaro's ComicBoards.com is a family-friendly group of message boards. Porn would be any nude or vulgar images or vulgar descriptions of private/intimate actions. Such messages should NEVER be posted and will likely get your ISP banned.

5. No Flames/Insults. Blatantly insulting behavior is prohibited. This includes insults to both posters and lurkers, including comic creators who are more likely to lurk than post. By all means feel free to critique the work--but not the person. Tempers may run high, but, keep all discussions civil, please. "Flame War" participants, regardless of "who started it", will be dealt with severely.

6. The Infamous Rule #6. There is no rule #6.
Ergo, there is no Rule #6A.

7. Off-Topic Threads. Off topic discussions will be tolerated to a small degree, but when instructed by one of the moderators to end a thread, you MUST cease and desist. Taking it to e-mail or the Community Board is the best solution.
7A. I am pretty easy going with off-topic threads. While I prefer to keep things on target about Teen Titans (duh!), I do allow posts about other comics. However, when I ask you to stop and you keep going, then we have a problem.

8. Repeat Offenders. The moderators reserve the privilege of banning offenders from the boards, temporarily or permanently, without warning. You may be warned or you may not, at the moderators' discretion.

9. Bannings. Bannings and lesser disciplinary actions should not be discussed on the boards. Those are matters best left to email between the poster and the moderators. If one has a question about their banning they should e-mail the moderators for explanations (a form for contacting moderators is located where new messages begin on each board). If you believe the moderator is not treating you fairly, the managers of ComicBoards.com can be contacted for their input.

10. Got Questions? Likewise, questions and comments about moderators' actions, deleted posts, bannings, board disciplines or anything else related to board policy or board rules are typically best left to email as well. The boards are not the appropriate venues for these types of discussions.

11. Don't Overwrite the Script. The boards' scripts are designed that way for a reason. Alvaro Ortiz has poured a ton of time and energy into making the boards look the way he wants them to. For you to decide that you don't like it and then to overwrite the script with your own script is the ultimate sign of disrespect. This includes, but is not limited to, extending the subject heading limit, changing the background in your posts, or changing the apperance of your posts. Trust us, if we wanted the board to look like a newsgroup or like a UBB board, we'd design it that way. We don't.

12. Additional Guidelines. Individual boards may have additional rules which are to be followed as well.
12A. Additional rules will be created to deal with items not already covered.

13. Broken Glass. Don't eat broken glass! Sheesh! What are ya, nuts??!!
13A. Yellow Snow. Don't eat the yellow snow. White snow is ok.

14. No spoilers within the subject line. Any posts found with spoilers will be deleted, and the poster will be emailed (if possible) to re-post without the spoiler.

Thank you for your cooperation. Remember, think before you act. It's always funny until someone loses an eye.

If you have any questions, feel free to email ComicBoards.com management.